Partner with Cento...

In a globally connected world, partnerships are essential. If I can be of service to you or vice versa, you have come to the right place.

Like-minded professionals and organizations can connect with me in any of the following ways.work_with_cento_bw

  1. Read my blog. Quite simply, this is the easiest way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the Cento Sharp Consulting community. There is a constant drip of fresh and relevant resources added regularly.
  1. Subscribe to my Learning Management System. If you have specific goals to achieve like becoming certified in supply chain management or solving some of the toughest business challenges you’ve ever faced, then this is for you. My content will help you to get results without experiencing 100% of the pain yourself. Our community of learners will save you time, money and energy.
  1. Follow me on social media. My updates span the recent events and news stories that will increase your business acumen and advance your career. Being in the know is just as important as knowing what to be. Follow me for spoon-fed insight on the world of business and technology for the supply chain.
  1. I’d love to speak at your event. I enjoy speaking and sharing my stories and insight with others. I’ve spoken to high school kids on making good decisions at a young age and adults on how to better understand others in the workplace. Reach out to me to see how I can connect with your audience on supply chain, technology or workforce dynamics.
  1. Join my team as a Subject Matter Expert. I’m always partnering as my community is always growing. Do you have expertise in one of the core focus areas listed on this site? Do you have insight that you would like to share with an eager, purpose-driven audience? If so, contact me now so we can discuss your awesomeness. Our community is waiting to hear from you!
  1. I’m open to work with you as a mentor. This is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes in life, we just need someone to give us a fresh perspective on things or a nice swift kick. Maybe we are nervous about trying something new. Maybe we are still working on our internal belief systems. Maybe we are just comfortable at the moment and let ourselves off the hook too easily. Whatever it may be, sometimes we just need a little help. Reach out to me if this is you. I have a special gift for those that sign-up for mentoring. Let’s partner to get you the jump start you need to meet your goals.

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, please fill out the contact form on this site. Someone on my team will respond right away.