Obtain the SOLE CPL Certification – Certified Professional Logistician

In the professional realm, logistics is a burgeoning field that is growing in demand in a number of different industries. Logisticians now have the unprecedented opportunity to certify their respective skills and hone their conceptual and practical knowledge in logistics as a whole. Collectively, logisticians have excelled in a vast gamut of disciplines, including industry, commerce, government and much more. With this said, the introduction of the SOLE CPL certification program acknowledged the interdisciplinary capabilities of these professionals.

The Benefits of SOLE CPL Certification

Those who attain the title of “Certified Professional Logistician” have affirmed their mastery in the field, and the broad scope of their expertise as a whole in this industry. The Certified Professional Logistician Qualification Review Board is responsible for overseeing the exam and qualifying those who apply to take it. Furthermore, they play a substantial role in administering the exam and recording the results of the participants. Those who achieve a passing score on the exam are bestowed a certification affirming their successful acquirement of their certified title.

Preparing for the SOLE CPL Certification

Each year, prospects can take the exam on two separate occasions, on the dates designated in May and November. The exam period extends throughout a span of eight hours, which entails a series of 2-hour sessions that are taken at once. The knowledge conferred by this particular certificate equates to that of a Masters Degree for a logistics professional.

Those who complete the exam material are honorably titled a Certified Professional Logistician. If three out of four sections are passed, the candidate reserves the right to retake the fourth part of the exam within two years of the failed exam. If, however, the test taker does not successfully complete this exam within the specified time period, he must submit a permit. At the point, the Council will determine whether or not to allow this.