Supply Chain Certifications by Cento Sharp Consulting LLCOnline Supply Chain Certification Training

Our online Supply Chain Certification Learning Management System is the only comprehensive environment that lets you study for multiple certifications across multiple industries. Our proven instructional methods will increase your knowledge of supply chain and your industry.

Our industry-specific forums allow you to post questions to your supply chain industry peers so you can get answers to common on-the-job challenges before and after you are certified. There is nowhere else to get such valuable and timely information that is specific to your career and current objectives. Regardless of your industry, there is supply chain content and assistance just a few clicks away.

  • Warehousing and Container Yards
  • Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma
  • Intermodal Logistics – 3PLs, 4PLs
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Ocean Carriers and Maritime
  • U.S. Customs and International
  • Truck Carriers and Routing
  • Corporate Finance and Accounting
  • Air Carriers and Regulations
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)