Obtain the CSCMP SCPro Level Two Certification – Supply Chain Professional Level 2

After you have successfully passed the SCPro Level Two Test, the next step will be to proceed onto test two. At this point, you will successfully begin to integrate the comprehensive knowledge that you inculcated during the first exam, but this will entail a more exploratory approach of more nuanced and advanced subject matters. The practical application of business knowledge is needed on this test, and you will be expected to reference a number of real-life scenarios in the corporate world. The requirements for this exam includes a bachelor’s degree, along with three years of relevant career experience. Without a bachelor’s degree, seven years of relevant experience is mandatory.

The Benefits of the CSCMP SCPro Level Two Certification

Among the many topics that you will encounter on this exam, risk assessment and management will be one of them. Risk assessment and management refers to the quantitative or qualitative means of gleaning the perceived risk associated with a particular action in a corporate context. Understanding this conceptually is not sufficient, and one will need to apply this to business issues. Supply chain strategy, another critical concept visited on this exam, will delve into buy decisions and strategic sourcing, as well. It will also require that you can operationalize the notion of sustaining a corporate supply framework. Additional topics that one should anticipate on this exam are supply chain finance, as well as network decisions.

Preparing for the CSCMP SCPro Level Two Certification

The best method of preparing for these exam concepts entails a composite of practice and diagnostic exams, scoring guides, study guides and detailed textbooks, along with online courses and webinars. Relying on a single study source will not provide adequate education, as you must grasp these concepts from all dimensions. From a holistic perspective, mastering the intricacies of supply chain professionalism, along with the aforementioned exam at level one, will confer a broad scope of understanding about the field as a whole.