What are the different ways to take an APICS CLTD certification course?

What are my options for getting APICS CLTD certified?

There is a high regard for the APICS CLTD certification because of its rich, in-depth knowledge and rigorous learning methods that lead to an exacting examination. It is touted as the global standard for the best practices in logistics, transportation, and distribution. It is the desire of APICS that the high standards of the certification […]

What are the benefits of an APICS CLTD certification?

Why should I get certified in logistics and transportation?

The APICS CLTD certification will be one of the major investments in your career regarding money, time and effort. And if you opt to take it at the same time with your full-time job, it will surely be stressful. Thinking of the benefits that you will enjoy later on will reinforce the wisdom of your […]

What can I get from an APICS CLTD certification?

What's in it for me to get APICS CLTD certified?

CLTD stands for Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution and possessing an APICS CLTD certificate is proof that you had successfully passed a certification exam for logistics management. While the concept of acquiring additional certificates and training might have been unheard of a decade ago, nowadays it is considered indispensable for a sustainable professional career. […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of APICS CPIM online classes?

The advantages are plenty but there are also disadvantages

There was a time when learning was associated solely with brick-and-mortar classrooms. Those who had missed the opportunity of attending school during their younger days simply had to accept their life-long fate. This situation underwent a paradigm shift with the arrival of online learning. Aside from the innate conveniences of the new means of knowledge […]

Where can I buy pre-owned APICS CPIM books?

Buying brand-new is not the only option

Aside from purchasing brand new APICS CPIM books, you can also look around for second-hand books which should cost less. There are even brand new ones offered at a discount. You have just paid a hefty sum for the certification course and any savings on related items should be most welcome. At present, the best […]

How can the APICS CPIM study guide help you?

What you need to know about the APICS CPIM study guide

If you have already acquired all the study materials that you need, your next quandaries are: Do I need to absorb all of these? Do I have enough time? These are valid concerns indeed that may spell the difference between success and wasted efforts. You don’t want to consume your time on material that may […]

How to acquire the best APICS CPIM books?

Make your APICS CPIM certification money go farther

Books are an essential component in any academic or professional exam preparation and their availability specific to the APICS CPIM certification is a big plus when you finally decide proceed. Your tasks are to compile a list of these books, examine their contents, style and structure; and select those that you feel would be most […]

How can APICS CPIM lead you to a higher salary?

The 3 primary benefits to APICS CPIM certification

On the subject of certification exams, many working professionals harbor tentative feelings pursuing them because of the enormous demand they can exact on their personal lives. You already give the bulk of your waking hours to your job and if you would add on to that preparation for a certification exam, then time for your […]

How can an APICS CPIM certified professional increase their salary?

The right way to increase your salary after CPIM certification

During recessions, economic downturns or stagnant periods, salary negotiations become more contentious between employees and employers. As soon as you have completed your APICS CPIM certification, you know that you are now in another level as an employee armed with all that newfound knowledge and skills. You know your worth is now substantially higher but […]

How can an APICS CPIM certification improve your compensation?

Obtaining an APICS CPIM salary increase

If you have been working long enough, you must have already realized how difficult it is to get a salary increase or to negotiate for one and that is in n case you are even lucky enough to be considered for one. The chances become dimmer when inevitable economic downturns occur. In such bleak circumstances, […]