Obtain the APICS SCOR-P – Supply Chain Council SCOR Endorsement

The SCOR-P Endorsement enriches one’s knowledge of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model by instituting key methods and theoretical models. Professionals who have successfully acquired an endorsement in this field can then pursue a multifaceted career in which they apply an integrated skill set to various supply chain issues. One of the most critical facets of this industry entails evaluating the relative effectiveness of one’s procedures and policies. This endorsement streamlines one’s ability to do this with ease. Many employers encourage their employees to achieve this endorsement to show their mastery of the SCOR model.

Preparing for the APICS SCOR-P Endorsement

To successfully embark upon the path to endorsement, one must achieve the following objectives:

  • Successful completion of the proctored SCOR-P endorsement test
  • Optional three-day SCOR Professional training course delivered by APICS
  • Note: APICS members receive a discount for the SCOR course delivered by APICS

The APICS SCOR-P endorsement does not have to be renewed like other certifications in the supply chain management field. In order to accommodate your schedule, simply review the details on the Education Workshop. Otherwise, you may contact the institution directly.

The Benefits of APICS SCOR-P Endorsement

A SCOR endorsement is indicative of a comprehensive grasp of the supply chain management discipline. Furthermore, the rigors of the criteria for a SCOR professional have been independently assessed by an unbiased group of professionals. The perceived value of this certification translates vastly on a global scale.

SCORE endorsements are not solely pursued on an individual basis. SCOR credentials are also encouraged on a company-wide basis among employers who wish to make dynamic changes to the entire workplace. Not only can these strides spearhead the institution of a more firmly grounded and expeditious company team, but it can help the company evolve as a whole. This endorsement stresses the use of a standardized set of best practices.