Obtain the APICS CLTD Certification –
Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

The APICS CLTD certification provides you with a comprehensive body of knowledge and skills that you will need to meet today’s challenges in logistics, transportation and distribution. Developed by recognized subject matter experts, it is the current gold standard for best practices in this field.

The CLTD program consists of eight modules which include the following topics: logistics, supply chain, capacity planning, demand management, order management, inventory, warehouse management, transportation, global logistics, logistics network design, reverse logistics and sustainability.

The certification exam is rigorously designed to prepare you for managerial roles and responsibilities in logistics. It is a 3.5-hour long exam and is conducted through Pearson VUE, the leader in computer-based testing.

The Benefits of APICS CLTD Certification

The CLTD certification will make you an expert in logistics, transportation and distribution. It will make you stand-out among your colleagues and in your organization. It is also a testament to your commitment to career advancement and intention to contribute more to company’s business. Aside from subject matter knowledge, the whole exercise will update you on the latest trends and developments in global logistics.

Transportation and logistics in the US are the second largest employment sector employing more than 6 million and it is expected to grow 270,000 new jobs annually up to 2018. The APICS CPIM Certification is your ticket to a top job in this vast field of opportunity.

The APICS CLTD Learning System also offers benefits in convenience, flexibility and suitability. You can select from the options of self-directed learning, study groups and instruction-led learning. You can choose what is best for you based on your availability, location and preferred learning style and the environment.

Preparing for the APICS CLTD Certification

The APICS CLTD Learning System is your main vehicle for preparing and passing the certification exam. It has interactive web-based tools and comprehensive reading materials which allow better engagement and knowledge retention. Your first task is to understand thoroughly what the learning options have to offer and make a choice on what is best for you. It is also strongly recommended that you purchase your own APICS CLTD Exam Content Manual as it will provide you with an invaluable feel for the exam.