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Who Are We

The Best Online Supply Chain Certification Learning Management System

The field of supply chain management is more demanding and challenging than ever. Cento Sharp Consulting is an industry leader in online SCM certification training spanning all industry verticals and certifications including APICS, ASTL, CSCMP and ISM.

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Ocean Container Shipping

It's reliable, consistent and runs like clockwork. Don't be left out in the cold because you aren't familiar with the inner workings of the maritime industry.      

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Air Cargo Shipping

Expendited Customer Delivery Dates(CDD) often dictate when shipping by air is a necessity. Mastering this shipping method could save your job some day.             

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Container Yards

Container Yards are the parking garages of supply chain and their capacity must be managed carefully and efficiently. A must-know for supply chain practitioners.

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Intermodal Rail Shipping

Intermodal shipping is getting more complex by the day. The ability to move freight over land via rail or truck is only a small portion of what intermodal has to offer..

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Our Value Add

  • Certificates of Completion
    Our Supply Chain Learning Management System provides you with certificates of completion for every practice test you pass in preparation for your official certification exams and company projects.
  • Job-Specific Forums
    Would you like to ask questions of your industry peers so you can ensure you are following best practices on your next project? Our expert-moderated community forums are the place for you.
  • Online Practice Tests
    Practice the supply chain concepts you learn and confirm your mastery by taking our online certification exam practice tests and consistently measure your progress and results over time.
  • Mobile Device-Ready Training
    We realize that obtaining industry certifications requires extra initiative and dedication to your career so we make sure that our training is just as flexible as you are. Train online or on your mobile device at your convenience.

Real World Lessons

  • 1

    Value Creation

    You will take an in-depth look at day to day supply chain operations.

  • 2


    You will understand how companies change to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

  • 3


    You will study what leading organizations are doing for longevity in their industries.

  • 4


    You will see how innovation can be a market differentiator during lean economic times.

The Entire Supply Chain

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